Breaking Down Silos: OSM and Esri side by side

Sunday, 11:30 am – 20 min
Steve Moore

OpenStreetMap has long been a great source of global geospatial data, but it has frequently been a challenge to mash up and analyze OSM data using Esri technology. This talk will highlight recent Esri projects that aim to make working with OSM data a much more seamless experience. We’ve been brewing up several new tools for our own Esri users as well as for the OSM community at large. One of our main goals is to provide value to volunteers coordinating work with agency staff during disaster relief efforts and open up the door to new spatial analyses all year round.

During this talk we’ll dive into recent contributions to iD and ongoing collaboration on a new feature to help users hand-pluck high quality content from existing data services into OSM’s most popular editor. We’ll also explore new Esri-hosted services that mirror OSM in real time, and support dynamic and tiled data access in ArcGIS Online and for all Esri customers.