Climate Change Impact Assessments with OpenStreetMap

Saturday, 1:30 pm – 20 min
Ethan Nelson
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Changing climate, sea level rise, and adaptations are some of the biggest problems the planet may face in the coming years. Understanding the effects of these problems on settlements, structures, and infrastructure is important to communicating their magnitude and potential impacts as well as effectively preparing for their effects. OpenStreetMap provides an opportunity for informing both qualitatively and quantitatively at a localized level while offering near global coverage at the intersection of science-based estimates and the risk to life and property—particularly in locations that are systematically under-served by building surveys, population counts, or other socioeconomic information collection. Here I will present work exploring the use of OpenStreetMap in assessing potential impacts based on scientific model estimates of changing atmospheric and oceanic environments using open-source toolchains in the OpenStreetMap ecosystem.