Kaart's Quality Checks to Improve Road Data and Routing

Saturday, 5:00 pm – 20 min
Ian Malott

The quality of road data throughout the world can vary greatly based on the region and the number of active mappers in the community. In an effort to improve the overall quality of road data the Kaart team has come up with the following list of quality checks to do just that: naming consistency, surface types, lanes (tertiary&above), quality of roundabouts, ref tags, destination ref tags, a road classification check, JOSM validation check, and a routing check. Using these quality control mechanisms we have improved the quality of road data in all the places we have visited, specifically the accuracy of routing/navigation. For example, a lot of the roads in our local town, Grand Junction, were classified incorrectly. We used this process to clean up the road data in our community which in turn greatly increased the effectiveness of navigation software for our area. Our goal is to make the data navigable by all users be they foreign or domestic.