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OSM and Land Use Planning - City-Scale Scenario Development for the Future of Cities

Sunday, 09:30 am – 20 min
Jamie Alessio

Land use and transportation planning are key drivers in the livability and sustainability of cities of the future. UrbanFootprint helps city planners explore broad questions like “Where will the next 25,000 residents live, work, and shop? How will they travel between these places?” And importantly, “What are the comparative impacts of different visions of the future?”

To achieve this goal, UrbanFootprint provides city planners and stakeholders with OpenStreetMap-powered analyses which surface information such as walk accessibility to parks, schools, employment, and commerce. In addition, regional management metrics such as the number of miles each added resident will typically travel by car, transit, bike, and walk are calculated.

OSM provides the foundational network graph for exploring connectivity of the built environment, providing unprecedented access to previously cost-prohibitive analyses in the field of land use and transportation planning.