OSM for Disaster Management: City Wide Mapping Project (Jakarta,Surabaya and Semarang)

Saturday, 10:00 am – 20 min
Harry Mahardhika Machmud
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Indonesia

This project aimed is to collect OpenStreetMap (OSM) data for the 3 big Indonesian cities. They are Surabaya, Jakarta and Semarang. The data will be used for disaster management system. Moreover, the data will be added into OpenStreetMap and used for local government in each city as well as used in Pacific Disaster Centre software called InaWARE that used by Indonesia National Disaster Management Agency in their disaster management system. Approaching with other communities and find people who really interested to contribute in OSM and want to be a part of this project as well as cooperate with local government to make sure our project can be part of their agenda and the result can be used for government needs including disaster management. Moreover, support from official government will make this project become more efficient and sustainable especially to support OSM Data.