Space to the Power of X

Friday, 1:00 pm – 20 min
Kevin Bullock

During SOTMUS 2017, DigitalGlobe was finalizing a merger to create a new aerospace company called Maxar: Now, DigitalGlobe has even more to offer to OpenStreetMap and the OSM Community:

  • We have had a ton of feedback regarding the DigitalGlobe imagery released for OSM editing. I plan on hitting some of the major questions and feedback.

  • We have launched GBDX Notebooks which simplifies AI and ML on satellite imagery, and opened up a ton of imagery as well (Following up on Sean Gorman’s presentation from SOTMUS Boulder).

  • Our Open Data program is bigger than ever, with huge releases in the US (and globally) covering hurricanes, fires, tornados and flooding. These have been heavily utilized by HOT.

  • We now have radar capabilities which enable change identification. We can analyze what is missing from OSM and would like to propose a pilot project with the OSMUS community.

  • We also have had a very successful SpaceNet challenge and would like to share those results and talk about future challenges.