Validation Of The Users, By The Users, For The Users

Friday, 1:00 pm – 20 min
Matthew Gibb
Radiant Solutions

New techniques, like machine learning, are changing how the OSM community maps, but the need remains to help users become better mappers and to improve data quality. As more groups begin to utilize these techniques to build and contribute to the map, a community of trained validators will become as crucial as ever. Human users are and will remain the most important part of the map.

This talk will showcase workflows that use well-known, yet often siloed, tools such as the Tasking Manager, Osmose, Maproulette, and other similar software options to provide users with feedback needed to fix not only their own errors, but also to build their confidence in improving others’ contributions! Using these workflows can help foster a community of new and experienced users, humanitarians, private companies, and hobbyists alike, and well-trained and practiced mappers will result in a more useful map for everyone.

By focusing timely validation feedback on the user, we can grow the number of returning mappers, encouraging them to be a part of a community, and build upon user’s skill sets to keep them contributing beyond their first edits.