Lightning Talks

Saturday, 2:30pm – 1 hour
Jake Sigal, Dani Waltersdorfer, Bryan Housel, Thomas Hervey, Nuala Cowan, Emmor Nile
Bike Lane Mapping
Jake Sigal, Tome
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Mapping The Curb
Dani Waltersdorfer
The curb is a becoming one of the most popular assets in the transportation world. With the growth of TNCs and short-distance delivery options its demand is increasing even more. How can we use OSM to properly map the diverse uses of the Curb? What are different municipalities doing to manage the curb and what can we do to help the map?
The State of the iD Editor
Bryan Housel, Mapbox
iD is an active open source project with a thriving developer community. We are steadily adding new features and making improvements that help both new and experienced mappers contribute to OpenStreetMap. This talk will summarize some of the progress that we’ve made in the past year.
iD Notes – Feature Integration and OSM Notes' Future
Thomas Hervey
In this talk, I will discuss the work from my Google Summer of Code 2018 project–integrating notes into the iD editor. I will present my process for adding a feature to iD that requires service calls, UI updates, and interactivity. I will also present prototypes for how users may interact with iD notes in the future, including note filters, templates, and more. These prototypes are based on research and surveys conducted to see how people use notes.
Open Cities Africa: Open Data for Disaster Risk Management
Nuala Cowan, OpenDRI at the World Bank
In Spring 2018, the Open Data for Resilience team at the World Bank launched the Open Cities Africa program. Currently, eleven African cities are simultaneously working on open data collection projects to support urban disaster risk management issues. The program objectives are not only data collection, but local capacity building for both national governmental agencies and local implementors. City teams are working with local stakeholders and government counterparts for data collection, and product development purposes, as well as the best path toward open data sustainability in each city.
Using addresses in Africa, Plus Codes and buildings
Emmor Nile, GISCorps
Emmor Nile is a GISCorps volunteer supporting the Tanzania Development Trust in the continuing effort to map Tanzania to enable aid efforts through the use of an adequate OSM base map. The use of Plus Codes enables every home in the country to have a usable address without depending on local authorities for creation and maintenance.